Passing Chic

And will I do? Florals

shower infrequently

or make every day DiCaprio

on his knees my long dad

mopping spoiled floors models ships

I can’t sew, we talk poetry

he recommends. There’s wailing

“sentimentality” and missing women in

Sherlock Holmes, I love him

anyway I’m the detective

at 14 I like it when he doesn’t

live alone. Rathbone raving

against ponderous old men

but my mould cut built buttoned up

keeping the cold out and watching

round goats trundle taller and taller

Point Redundant “there” the flat water

in the shape of a falling kite. I point

again I draw a boy pointing

he is delighted by everything

I make him, see, a mighty chest

I build for him, without dad

I resuscitate rubber pictures

am rubber-man, real.