Finding Space

Sometimes I forget how much I love green spaces. During a busy Cambridge term, I dart between libraries and labs, locked in an endless indoor routine. The cold weather and dark evenings don’t help, but I wish I didn’t see them as an excuse to stay inside.

One day last week I stepped out of my lecture into glorious sunshine. It was a wake-up call. I had two hours to kill before my next supervision, so I rushed back to my house, grabbed my camera and headed off to the botanic gardens. My work could wait.

I love photography because it helps me find beauty in everyday things which are often overlooked. It is also the best way to clear my head. I become so immersed in the shapes through my viewfinder that it is impossible to think of anything else.

From a distance, ferns seem to be made up of many repeating units, but as you get closer it is clear that each frond is different – and each makes a unique shape with its neighbour. I think these negative shapes are just as interesting as the fronds themselves.

Inspired by Pembroke Street, I decided to set myself the challenge of taking as many photos as I could with the theme ‘spaces’. I tried to focus on the spaces between and around the subjects I was photographing – from the halo of a robin silhouetted by the sun, to the negative space made by a duck and its reflection.

Those two hours I spent in the botanic gardens were one of the highlights of Those two hours I spent in the botanic gardens were one of the highlights of my week. Spending time outside can feel challenging in the dark days of Lent, but I always feel so refreshed afterwards. It’s something I think we should all try to find more space for