1. a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or 

2. the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which 
all things exist and



One of the first things you notice when 
you  walk  into  Pembroke  is  not  "space". 
Well-known for being a smaller College, 
Pembroke is positively cosy. The moment 
of realisation comes during the May Ball 
- who knew we could fit a ferris wheel 
next to the Master's Lodge? 

Like  any  respectable  college,  Pembroke 
is all about space. We have safe spaces 
at  events,  spaces  for  work,  spaces  for 
drinking and painting, spaces for arguing 
and  reading  and  worshipping.  Like  any 
respectable  May  Ball  committee,  our job is to transform Pembroke's space. We want to maximise the physical space we have, the "dimensions of height, depth, and width", hopefully creating a space for intertwining tradition and innovation.


Breathing in the antiquity of the architecture whilst recognising the age-old custom of excess that the May Ball represents, 2020 calls for our generation to look after the space we're lucky enough to live in. We want to be able to host an event of that scale without destroying the beauty of college grounds and without dealing a blow to the climate.


The May Ball should be about appreciation - being grateful for the chance to turn this space we call "home" into something enchanting for one night. Appreciating the atmosphere the natural setting provides us with, noticing the college’s blooms in May Week as if in preparation for the Ball, learning to take care of this space we’re lucky enough to have.

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