Finding Your Place

Becoming part of the Cambridge bubble is a pretty big step in your life, and understandably this change can bring with it a fair bit of stress. For many people that stress comes from worrying about not finding your people, other students with a similar experience of the world to you. As LGBT+ officer I wanted to write a little something to reassure every LGBT+ fresher how welcoming the Cambridge LGBT+ community is!

I came out as gay in my first week of university. At this point I didn’t personally know a single guy who was gay, and I think I’d spoken to a single trans person in my life. Since coming to Cambridge I’ve met so many incredible LGBT+ people without even trying that hard to find them, something which has changed my perception of the community massively. While you’ll bump into people in lectures or around college, there are plenty of LGBT+ events that you can go to if you want to actively try to get to know other LGBT+ people. University wide, we have CUSU LGBT+, the queer arm of the student union, which organises bar nights and socials across all colleges. On a Pembroke level we’ll be having mingles and picnics for anyone identifying as LGBT+ throughout the year, as well as pres for Glitterbomb, Cambridge’s LGBT+ club night. Everyone at Pembroke is super friendly, and we’d love to meet you all - both freshers and anyone who’s not yet come to one of these events.

In my first year I didn’t go to a single one of these events if I’m honest - I didn’t really see myself as part of what I assumed was a very flamboyant community. I’ve since met many people who see being gay in the same light as me, which has made me realise that this community really is all-encompassing. What’s so great about Cambridge is that there are enough LGBT+ people that you will probably find people who see their identity similarly to you - whether that’s because you see your sexuality as a very small part of you, or because you’d love to put yourself out there and try out drag at Glitterbomb (some Cambridge students do actually do this!).

Everyone has their own way of being LGBT+ but obviously no one way is right, and what’s great about Cambridge is that there are enough of us that you’ll probably find your people somewhere!