Gyp Eats: Sporadic Soup

Some argue that the second week of a fresher’s first term is more daunting than the first. With the ‘prescribed fun’ of JPC-run activities over, and the lovely workloads already piling up, this can be an overwhelming experience.

For two Pembroke freshers, it was the start of something magical. Bonding over the slightly disappointing gyps in Orchard Building, and the discovery of the extensive microwavable soup selection in ‘Mainsburys’ helped spark the start of the now very well-reputed Instagram account, Sporadic Soup.

The team here at Sporadic Soup are immensely proud of how far we have come since second-week-Michaelmas. Our

Instagram page boasts of statistics that regular millennials could only dream of. With 215 followers, an average of 56 likes per soup review and an average of 8 views an hour, Sporadic Soup has exploded onto the Instagram scene. With the follower base expanding from Pembroke students to a University-wide fan base, Sporadic Soup now has a national cult following. But how, an avid- soup-lover-Pembroke-Street-reader might ponder, exactly are the reviews conducted?

Despite operating on a student budget, here at Sporadic Soup our taste tests are orchestrated in a professional, standardised and controlled environment. We have one chief taste tester who tests every soup to ensure consistency within the reviews.

Each test is carried out in W5 to control temperature, humidity and ambiance. (Feedback on the soup is discussed, from texture/consistency/portion size/colour to connotations being taken into account.) At Sporadic Soup, we believe the vibe of the soup is as important as its taste. Whether you are looking for a winter- warming minestrone, or a colourful butternut and chili, our soup photoshoots and articles are meticulously planned and executed to ensure you have the best tools at your disposal for your next bid at Sainsbury’s soup-choosing.

As our fan base grows we are looking to expand into the meat soup range, as we believe that it is essential to cater to all in the soupey market (more details to be released soon. We are keeping our precise future plans as a soup-rise). With rumours of a sponsorship from Sainsbury’s and a food van appearing at the Pembroke June Event, Sporadic Soup is ‘evidently a soup-perb #insta page to follow and a company to watch’! (Forbes 30 women under 30)*

(Soup test tasting will soon become a ticketed event. For details about tickets or if you want your soup featured on Sporadic Soup please contact Kitya or Lata for further information)