College Families: How to make them work

With the beginning of Michaelmas comes the time when college families meet for the first time. Everything has led up to this moment: from early college marriage anxieties, to the formation of parental groups. So, naturally, we all want to get it right and really bond with our fresh-faced fresher children.

It can be hard, however, to strike the correct balance of parental keenness, without overwhelming college children or drifting apart by the end of Freshers’. In order to make negotiating college family dynamics a little easier, successful college parents (mine) have exclusively disclosed their top tip for gelling as a family.

The most important thing to do as college parents is to maintain contact with your children. Family group chats on Facebook are the easiest way of keeping in touch and making sure that interest in the family doesn’t just peter out. Spending time as a family and arranging social activities is the best way to bond with your children and will ensure that your college family becomes more than just a duty.

With college families, the greatest part of how well your family works is down to personality types, as well as shared interests and experiences. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get on with one of your children, or if your college family doesn’t measure up to what you’d envisioned it to be.

Ultimately, this is a fun (and slightly silly) tradition that anyone from outside the bubble will struggle to understand. If you take it for what it is and make an effort at communicating with your college children, your college family will definitely fulfil its purpose of offering a support network for incoming freshers!