Profile: Pembroke College Memes for Trough Loving Teens

The mysterious (and anonymous) creators behind Pembroke College Memes for Trough- Loving Teens speak to Pembroke Street about the meme phenomenon, and their newest endeavour, 2 Selwyn Gardens Memes for Bottom-Of-The-Ballot Teens.

Which Pembroke memes would you say are the most exceptional?
 We peaked with the logo. 

What makes a good meme- theme? 
 Not Pembroke College, as we soon discovered after running out of ideas in about two weeks. For submissions, they just have to make us laugh. Unfortunately, the two of us have exactly the same warped sense of humour, which ends up leaking onto the page. 

How do you reject a meme submission? 
 It’s always best to do it in person. Try to avoid clichés like “it’s not you, it’s me”. Just be honest. Stand your ground and know that you’re doing what’s best for you right now.

Any positive/negative feedback from staff?
 The staff don’t know who we are, but they’ve never tried to interfere; we don’t post things that are outright mean or offensive. The porters love us, though, except for Martyn. (If you’re reading this Martyn, please respond to our texts. We’ll make it up to you somehow.) 

How many niche meme pages can our Facebook newsfeeds take? 
 From the way this question is phrased, it doesn’t sound like you’re going to be a huge fan of our next venture: ‘2 Selwyn Gardens Memes for Bottom-Of-The-Ballot Teens.’

Please could you comment on the irony of being ‘for Trough-Loving Teens’ when so many of your memes are critiques of Trough?

Could you please comment on the irony of being called Pembroke Street when you’re demonstrably not a Street? In all seriousness though, we do love Trough - although we did once debate changing the name to Pembroke College Memes for Trough- Sceptic Teens in the wake of some particularly fruity chicken.
 And finally, how will you appoint a successor to manage the page once you have graduated? 
 Send us in some smokin-hot spicy submissions and you may just find out...


Two prominent contributors to Pembroke’s meme page tell us their top meme-making tips.

Ben Mortishire-Smith:

Making a decent meme requires creativity and patience. You can't force it - if you have a format in mind, you have to keep an eye out for the right opportunity. We have a team of dedicated meme-ers working 24/7, keeping up with college gossip and abusing their Microsoft Paint skills, in order to deliver the rarest, freshest and spiciest pieces to our audience, as soon as inspiration strikes.

Andrei Kanavalau:

You can’t just decide and make a meme. You don’t make memes, memes make you. 
 Patience you must have, and meme magic will come.