How to Make Your College Room Feel Like a Home Away From Home

Here at Pembroke Street, we’re all about the aesthetic. Can you blame us? We undoubtedly live in the prettiest college, so we spend every day surrounded by beauty, both natural and artificial. But we’re also all about anything cosy. Bring the two together and you have the perfect combination for creating a comfortable living space during the gruelling Cambridge terms. Look no further for a snapshot of how to mould your uniform college room into something that resembles a home...

Pillows and Blankets

With winter already well upon us, and Pembroke’s heating leaving something to be desired, extra fodder for your bed is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Stock up on patterned blankets and pillows to layer on top of block colour sheets which will create an organised mess look – and can also be thrown around you when it’s 11pm, 2 degrees outside, and you just want to feel some semblance of warmth so you can finish your essay.

Fairy Lights

The ultimate student room staple. Fairy lights are a terrible cliché, but this is unsurprising given the difference they can make to a room. Whether you want to make the room more ~atmospheric~, or simply get away from the piercing white light of college lamps, fairy lights are the perfect way to do it. Primark have a wide range of remarkably affordable, long-lasting options – so don’t worry about having to splash out at Urban Outfitters. If you’re feeling spicy, you can also add one of their LED table lamps to your basket, which come in a variety of shapes, from flamingos to cacti.

Posters and Artwork

There is nothing less homely than the barren white walls that greet you when you first arrive in your college room – posters and artwork are a simple fix to this problem. Like photographs, they can be put up on pinboards or hung up on portrait hooks, and they can be just about anything: band’s tour posters, your favourite piece of art in print, college event or theatre posters, friends or family’s artwork (especially younger siblings/ cousins/family friend’s awful but sweet scribbles). Anything is better than the desolate empty space of decoration-free walls.


Perhaps the most effective way of bringing home to uni with you. College rooms should all have some kind of pinboard on which you can use blutac, but cork boards are also widely available and easily hung from portrait hooks. Whether you want to show off your gap year by plastering photos of you with elephants all over your wall, or simply have family and friends smiling down at you, putting up pictures can be a great reminder of life outside of the bubble. Bonus edge points if you used a disposable camera or film.

A Tea Station

Unless you are an exceptional individual who is capable of surviving without hot drinks (I’m looking at you, Geraint), then there is nothing better than your own personal tea station. Customise it with your choice of breakfast, green, or fruit teas, hot chocolates, and coffees, and snacks to go along with your hot beverages. As work loads get heavier, a well-stocked tea station can also be a lovely excuse to invite people round and get that wholly necessary social interaction that will make both you and your room feel much better.