Halloween Hall 2007: 'A Night of Blood and Vomit'

In November 2007, The Cambridge Student reported of a night of ‘Blood and Vomit’ at Pembroke’s ‘out of control’ Halloween Hall. Eyewitnesses recounted students passing out, a girl breaking her nose on the table, and - surely the most degenerate of all - someone throwing Smarties around.

The night got so out of hand that porters were called in to take students back to the JP, where a girl (fortunately not the previously mentioned individual with a broken nose) threw up everywhere. College took decisive action by fining all involved a whopping £25, and offering a most generous discount of £5 for those who confessed to misbehaving.

The Pembroke Street of 2007 was swift in condemning these goings on, calling it ‘unacceptable’ and ‘not a night we’re likely to forget’. They did, however, point out that ‘students of the swinging sixties and seventies weren’t prudes when it came to booze,’ and that ‘we deserve the right to go out and enjoy ourselves.’

As some older Valencians may be aware, Pembroke’s Halloween Halls have been incident-prone in the more recent past, too. Last year, The Sun picked up on someone running around Hall in a ‘killer clown’ mask, while back in 2015 (and perhaps more inventively), two students were kicked out for dressing up as PM David Cameron and his pig-friend. The year before, a student dressed as Professor Quirrell from Harry Potter ran into the Hall shouting, “Troll in the dungeon”.

It seems that the desire to avoid tabloid coverage is so pervasive in college that this year’s Halloween Hall passed mostly without incident. It is understood that someone tried and failed to repeat “Troll in the dungeon”, with JPC President, Oliver Hulme, describing the attempt as “#lame.”

Perhaps it is better that this year broke with tradition and was a calm and peaceful affair for all involved. Vom should be saved for Cindies (or, even better, don’t vom at all).

Charlotte Araya Moreland is a second year Historian and the Editor of Pembroke Street