Lessons from the BOP School of Life

Dear Freshers,

Bop is always a memorable bookend to each term – unless of course you drink one too many boptails and the whole night is a blur. Consider the following ghosts of bops past as an introductory taster of what bop is like, an indication of the level of blood, sweat and tears that go into making bop costumes (sarcasm warning), and reflect upon the cautionary tales these images tell before you embark upon your first bop.

All the best x

1.) Don’t let anyone cramp your style on the dance floor.... But at the same time respect other people’s personal space.

2.) You might make decisions you regret. (Disclaimer: only fake tattoos available at bop).

3.) DIY costumes are encouraged and most definitely the norm.

4.) People will drunkenly attempt to climb on top of the fireplace.

5.) Bop is PG-rated.

6.) You might want to step outside for a breath of fresh air at some point.

7.) Look after your friends.

8.) Brunch the next day will most definitely help you recover from the night.

Pro tip: bring your own banana to add to chocolate sauce covered pancakes.

WARNING: Flashes of memory from your night may make you embarrassed to show your face at brunch, but don’t worry everyone else is probably feeling the same way and you can use the pancakes to mop up the leftover alcohol AND any feelings of humiliation.

Tasha May is a second year English student and the Pembroke Street photographer