Exam term: de-stressing on a budget

Exams. There’s no getting away from them, but Easter term doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Everyone has ways of dealing (or not) with the drudgery and stress of revision, be it exercise, hitting Cindies every week, or taking up permanent residence in the library. Pembroke Street wants to bring you a few easy - and cheap - things to do that you might not have thought of.

Find your inner domestic goddess

However primitive and crusty the Pem gyps may be, you can still rustle up a dish or two in there with ease. Even cooking something as simple as beans on toast (definitely one of your five-a-day, and cheaper than Trough) needs a different kind of concentration to study and will take your mind off things for a while.

Dip into some culture

The Fitzwilliam Museum’s exhibition ‘Madonnas and Miracles’ (great for historians!) is on until 7th June, while Kettle’s Yard's ‘Sea to Shore: Paintings by Alfred Wallis and Christopher Wood’ is also on at the Fitz until 27th August.

Photo by Phoebe Flatau

Be more zen

College yoga is on Fridays at 12.15pm for £2, and college Zumba is on Wednesdays at 5.15pm for £3 - both are in the New Cellars. Both activities are also offered weekly at the Union for under £5.

Bring a bit of life to your room

Student rooms can be sparse and sad spaces, no matter how many Pink Floyd posters and fairy lights are on the walls. Adding a plant or two (minimum attention - cacti; moderate attention - an actual house-plant) can bring life to your room. The town market sells potted plants cheaply (£2-£5 for a small peace lily, lavender plant or geranium), as does Marks & Spencer.

Photo by Charlotte Araya Moreland

Get out of the Bubble

London is only a forty-minute train ride away (about £16 for an off-peak day return with a 16-25 Railcard) - although with the never-ending possibilities of things to do, it can be difficult to know where to start. For the theatre-goers, there are £7.50 tickets to National Theatre productions and free tickets to shows at Covent Garden’s Donmar Warehouse available for young people. Other interesting things to do include attending PMQs on Wednesdays (although perhaps not the most relaxing of activities), walking through Hampstead Heath or Richmond Park, and visiting the Sky Garden.


Visit the chapel

The Pembroke chapel welcomes all, and regardless of faith, it is no bad thing to take out a period of time for thought and reflection. Opening hours are 8am-midnight everyday, with services throughout the week.

Write, draw and take photos for Pembroke Street!

The deadline for submissions for the ‘Home’ issue is 27th May. See some ideas here. We’re also looking for photography and art. All submissions have a chance of winning either a £15 or £10 Aromi gift card!

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