Issue 4 Submissions and Commissions!

Photo: Emily Fish

Submissions are open for Issue 4 of Pembroke Street, on the theme of ‘home’.

We’re especially (but not exclusively!) looking for submissions from international students. Whether it’s cheesy, sincere, long-form, or even just a few lines on the theme of ‘home’, send in your ideas!

We’d also really like to talk to you if you’re a student from a family of immigrants, particularly from LEDC countries. Get in touch via email or Facebook.

As well as writing (see below), we’re looking for lots of photos! They really don’t have to be masterpieces, just whatever leaps to mind when you think ‘home’, be it Pembroke, Cambridge, family, or your house. See a few examples below.

Illustrations and other artwork are welcome, too!

Article ideas:

  • Being an international student in Cambridge is eye-opening/alienating/challenging etc.

  • How Brexit is affecting international students

  • Life as a student in transition - preparing for graduation, experiences of a year abroad, exchange students, intermission

  • Moving house whilst at university - does a house make a home?

  • Boarding school experiences

  • Parental separation during university

  • Is Cambridge home? Feeling ‘homesick’ for Cambridge during vacation.

Here are a few examples for inspiration!

Any other suggestions and ideas would be great, too! If you have any questions email or contact us via Facebook!

The deadline is Saturday 27th May

See submission guidelines here.