Tasha Tries: Formal Hall and the Alternative Study Space

This week Tasha tries formal hall and Pembroke's alternative study space.

Formal Hall: Having gone to my first formal hall outside of Pembroke last week – where gowns were optional, leaving the table was permitted and servers brought buffet style dishes you helped yourself to – made me appreciate Pembroke’s formal hall and its traditions all the more this week. For all the grumblings we can have about the rules placed upon us at formal hall, the experience wouldn’t be the same without them. While dessert is normally the highlight of my formal hall dining, this Thursday night’s entrée – the artichoke soup, a bowl of unadulterated creamy delight – took its place.

Alternative Study Space: Here I probably spent more time going back and forth from the food table than I did studying, but taking some grapes to prop up my leaning tower of biscuits lessened the guilt (somewhat).