Tasha Tries: Trough (Week 1&2)

The good:

Sweet potato side is back (with pears!) Initially hesitant to change a classic but the add-in of sweet, succulent pear is a good one. More mains (often stir fries and the like) are being served with accompanying rice/cous-cous/etc…

The average:

Spring Rolls: a valiant attempt at fusion but the Indian/spiced mixture inside the spring rolls seemed more what one would expect of a samosa. Shakshuka (spelt chakchouka on the board, but I suppose when the word is Hebrew/Arabic there’s room for creative spelling choices): I initially got served two spoonfuls of the capsicum/tomato mixture without any egg (the main ingredient of the dish). Perhaps this is a dish best left to over-priced brunch cafés to serve in the mini-pan it was cooked in with (perhaps) more than one egg.

The ‘I don’t know how to feel about this’:

Trough’s new fancier way of arranging cutlery, fruit, napkins, etc…