'I'm a rower; I have muscles from the nipples down.'


'I have been the kingpin of the Colchester techno circuit since the summer of '13.' 

'Becky is the absolute one!' 

'I think tinder is just a great way to meet people outside of college.' 

'If you haven't tried croquet you really should, it's a savage sport.' 

Short series of degree-related 'overh...

'[on the tomato mozzarella and basil ciabattas from the cafe] This basil tastes like something other than basil. I'm just not used to big fat wet leaves of basil, you know?'

'Filters do every photo so much good. Although I'd never do black and white. I look too good for black and white.'

'I LOVE being a trustee to a board!!'

[Jesus student at Pem formal] 'I don't like weedy men, I always think they're up to something'

[On sex] 'Don't you just hate it when you're so in demand?'

[On moving to Selwyn Garden] 'I'm not ready to swap Sainsbury's as my local supermarket with the co-op. I'm just not ok with that. '

'I swear my entire life is being chronicled on Overheard at Pem...' 

'I'm so excited to get sharked this weekend by the martlets.' 

'You may not be a BNOC, but you are a BNIP (Big Name In Pembroke).'

'All D no degree.'

'One time I was so drunk I tried to call the police on my calculator.'

'(Talking about a swap with Peterhouse) They seemed normal enough, but then they got naked and lay on the table in a burrito mess...'

'Stop showing me pictures of men and saying it's my mum!'

'You gotta think that getting a first might not be the best, because what are you gonna post on Facebook? Last year you posted Desmond Tutu, but there's no Desmond First First, is there?'

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